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Alyce Crawford

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Age: 17 (13/03/90)

Lives: Kiama, NSW

Height:174 cm

Weight: 50kg

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue


Alyce has just finished Year 12, and is currently working part-time at Brumby’s Bakery in Kiama. She would ultimately like to study public relations and journalism.

Alyce doesn’t exercise or diet, and admits she has a terrible diet and absolutely cannot cook. She isn’t a vegetarian, but can’t get her head around eating an animal. Her one exception is chicken McNuggets.

Alyce loses her temper when she’s under stress. She can make everything she does fun, and says she doesn’t get embarrassed or ashamed. She watches Sex & the City every night. She also loves to shop, saying “I want to shop until I die”. Alyce describes herself as vibrant, charismatic and dedicated.

Family is the most important thing in the world to Alyce, and she will miss them terribly when she is in the house.


Modelling has always been Alyce’s dream. She thinks she has a look that suits both catwalk and editorial, and loves the fact that modelling allows you to transform. Alyce’s favourite fashion trend at the moment is lace. She loves pretty, girly things and vintage pieces, and her favourite designer is John Galliano.


Likes: surprises; diamonds and fashion; her eyes …quot; “they are a fantastic asset in modelling”

Hates: her voice because it makes her sound young.

Life motto: ‘Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened’ or ‘Nothing is ever as bad as it seems’

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