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Katarina Ivanovska


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December 24, 2014
Behind the Scenes of our "Holiday Lights" Shoot with Katarina Ivanovska

To celebrate the holidays, Joe Fresh ventured into South Brooklyn to shoot the festive light installations in the Dyker Heights neighborhood famous for its extravagant displays. The twinkling lights were the perfect backdrop for models Katarina Ivanovska and Bobby Rake in our winter collections. In between shots, we got to know a bit about the two models, each of whom have engaging back stories of their own—and big life choices ahead of them.

Joe Fresh: There’s a lot of waiting around in modelling, like we are now. Is that the worst part?
Katarina Ivanovska:
The most difficult part of modelling for me is travelling overseas. Sometimes you fly for 10 hours and change time zones but the next day you have to be fresh and smiling and nice.

Joe Fresh: Where are you from originally Katarina?
I’m from Macedonia in Europe. I come from an athletic family—my mom does karate, my father plays handball and I play tennis. I entered the Look Model Search competition with my friend because there was nothing to lose. I won the competition and here I am!

Joe Fresh: And then you moved to NY?
I was first in Milan for a month, but when I was 16, my mom said I had to finish high school. When I turned 18 or 19, I moved here to New York.

Joe Fresh: What are some tips you’ve learned on the job?
I get enough sleep, eat healthy and exercise. I don’t smoke or drink. And I use avocado oil for my face. I don’t use makeup because I don’t know how to apply makeup on my face!

Joe Fresh: That’s quite a decision for you coming up! Katarina, what are your future plans and goals?
I did a movie two years ago in Macedonia. You can watch it on YouTube; it’s called The Third Half. It’s about the first soccer team during the Second World War in Macedonia. It’s a nice and beautiful Jewish love story. I played the lead—a Jewish girl who fell in love with a soccer player. I fell in love with him because he saved my life.

Joe Fresh: That’s amazing. How’d you land the role in the movie?
It was a fun experience because I never took any acting lessons. If I want to pursue acting, I really have to focus. It’s a challenge to balance modelling and acting. I feel safer in the fashion industry. If I stay in LA and take English and acting lessons, then I might try more acting.


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