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Brooke Langton


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Best known for her ingenue work as Samantha Reilly on Fox's "Melrose Place" from 1995 to 1998, Brooke Langton has begun to carve out a feature film career with role as a jilted lesbian in Listen and the object of the eyes of one of the Swingers.

Born in Arizona and raised in Texas, Brooke began her career as a model, working primarily in Japan for eight months before moving to L.A. She got involved with theater in Portland and Texas before breaking into television on Baywatch and Beverly Hills 90210.

But her first real break came two years later when she was chosen to be leading lady to William McNamara in The Wyatts, an unsold Fox pilot which did run as a TV-movie. After appearing in such made-for-television movies as Moment of Truth: A Mother's Deception (1994) and Eye of the Stalker (1995), Langton landed a role on 90210's mature (at least age-wise) cousin, Melrose Place.

She had her first regular series role in Extreme (1995), as Sarah Bowen, a waitress turned rescue team member working for James Brolin. Langton also played the girlfriend to Jonathan Silverman's The Single Guy in several 1995 episodes. She went on to play a woman in the life of a young movie star in Matthew Harrison's Project 61 (lensed in 1996) and was the object of single night's competition between a young man and a cop in Reach the Rock (1998). Later gaining notice for her role in Doug Liman's breakthrough indie hit Swingers in 1996, Langton returned to television for her main role as Angela Bennett in the USA Network spin-off series The Net (1998-99).

After the cancellation of The Net, Langton began work on another television series, When I Grow Up (2001). Following the cancellation of that short-lived series, she returned to the big screen with roles in The Replacements (2000) as cheerleader girlfriend of Keanu Reeves, the festival-screened comedy Playing Mona Lisa, and Kiss the Bride.

Brooke Langton is engaged to be married to Carl Hagmier in February 2005.


Full name: Brooke Langton

Date of birth: 27 November 1970 (in Occasion already passed! )

Sign: Sagittarius

Place of birth: Arizona (USA)

University: Marine Biology at San Diego State University

Sports: Snowboarding, water skiing, scuba diving

Pets: Two large pound puppies, Riley and Baloo.

Residence: Los Angeles


- Born in a copper-mining town in Arizona.

- Raised in Euless, Texas.

- Moved to Portland, Oregon.

- Worked as a commercial actress in Japan.

- 1992 Began appearing in TV episodics with "Freshman Dorm" and "Beverly Hills, 90210".

- 1994 Feature film debut, "Terminal Velocity".

- 1994 TV-movie debut in the Fox drama "The Wyatts".

- 1995 TV series debut as regular, "Extreme", a short-lived adventure show on ABC.

- 1995 Guested in several episodes as girlfriend of "The Single Guy" (NBC).

- 1995-1998 Played Samantha Reilly on Fox primetime serial "Melrose Place".

- 1996 Had two juicy film roles in "Listen" and "Swingers".

- Starred in the USA Network series "The Net".

- 1998 Had supporting role in "Reach the Rock".

- 2000 Played the romantic lead opposite Keanu Reeves in "The Replacements".

- 2003 Cast in the Ang Lee directed feature "The Hulk".

Sources: Hollywood.com & Yahoo!

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