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Midajah O'Hearn


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Melinda McCullum (born March 23, 1973), also known by her ring name Midajah, is an American actress, singer and fitness model, former professional wrestler and valet for World Championship Wrestling, World Wrestling All-Stars and Ultimate Pro Wrestling.

Nutrition and personal training

O'Hearn received a certification in personal training and nutrition in 1994.She then worked as a personal fitness trainer with several companies. Subsequently, she worked with a body-building supplement company, in trade shows, and made personal appearances.

World Championship Wrestling

McCullum first joined World Championship Wrestling (WCW) with a group of fitness models (Tylene Buck, April Hunter, Kim Kanner (Shakira) and Pamela Paulshock), as nWo girls. McCullum was given the name Midajah and, along with Kanner who was nicknamed Shakira O'Neal, became the valets of Scott Steiner. They were nicknamed the "Freaks". She then became the main valet for Steiner and became part of the Magnificent Seven. Midajah trained at the WCW Power Plant but never had a match. She had a brief feud with Leia Meow. She appeared on the final episode of Nitro in Steiner's corner as he was defeated by Booker T.

World Wrestling All-Stars and Ultimate Pro Wrestling

McCullum went to World Wrestling All-Stars (WWA) with Steiner when WCW was purchased by World Wrestling Entertainment. In WWA she was valet for Perry Saturn and was regularly attacked by the Hardcore Midgets. Midajah also spent some time in Ultimate Pro Wrestling where she trained at their wrestling school until leaving wrestling.

Personal life

She was eldest of the four children born to her Norwegian and Irish father and Spanish and French mother. She attended school in both America and Mexico. Growing up, she was in beauty pageants and worked as a child actress.

She was married to bodybuilder Michael O'Hearn, who is best known for appearing in the 2008 version of American Gladiators.

Melinda speaks Spanish fluently and has worked as an interpreter.









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