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Coco Young

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Full Name:

Coco Young

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue

Height: 177cm / 5′9.5″

Bust: 82 cm / 32″

Waist: 63 cm / 25″

Hips:86 cm / 34″

Place of Origin:

New York, USA

Date of Birth:

January 20 1989

Born in NYC but raised in the South of France, Coco is a member of the jetset junta. Since being specially selected to walk in the Fall 2010 Marc Jacobs show, Coco has signed to Wilhelmina NYC and is fast becoming the ultimate NY scene “it” girl. With a look full of mystery and melancholy (and the infinite sadness!), and as model with a point of view, she has that certain something that inspires creativity and excitement. To date Coco has worked extensively with NY scenesters Ryan McGinley and KT Auleta. Could she be a muse in the making?


Nowadays models have been relegated to be nothing more than a pretty face. New York City-native, Coco Young, is bucking that much-exhausted trend and showing people what they want: personality. The 20-year-old has that inexplicable je ne sais quoi quality that first caught the eye of photographer Ryan McGinley. Upon meeting Young in 2008, McGinley requested her for his yearly cross-country road trip, then later for the Wrangler campaign and a spread in Tar magazine. With her name on the tip of every cool, downtowner’s tongue the Maupassant-fan just took her first stab at acting, starring in KT Auleta’s short film Runaround. But when she’s not mugging it up for cameras, Young stays busy by modeling for painter John Currin. Now, who was it that said models are nothing more than a pretty face?


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Spotlight: Coco

She shines in the Spotlight! Miss Coco is one of the most interesting finds of Wilhelmina New York, who snapped this new Digitals of her.The Girl from Paris got an amazing overall "coolness" plus an androgynous , misterious touch. Seen in a couple Editorials during the last months, Coco is what the world needs to breath !


Models and Style

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