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Sara Sampaio


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I really loved those photos from ELLE Italy... it seems to me that she shows a little bit more of personality and she doesn't seem so superficial, what it's really great, because she seems to be having fun and it's awesome when she shows it through the camera.

This last ones from Marie Claire are really cool. I special love the first one, but they are all great.

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For those who really don't understand portuguese and have a kind of curiosity, here it is the translation.

Sorry for any grammar or vocabulary mistakes.

Sara Sampaio:

Hi, i’m Sara Sampaio. I’m the Lanidor's face of the Spring/Summer 2012 campaign. Now, I live a little bit between New York and Europe. I really don’t have a permanent place to live.

It’s the thirth time that I’m doing the Lanidor's Campaign. This summer clothes have a lot to do with me. Has pretty beautiful blazers. All the clothes, in general, are young , classic and beautiful at the same time. I think that it’s special for the youngest people with 20 years old. I don’t wanna seem older but I don’t wanna look like I’m fifteen years old also. So I think that Lanidor has the right clothes for those kind of situations. We wanna stay looking young but always with a kind of elegance.

It’s always good being a part of a mark, here in Portugal, and continuing to support and making works in Portugal, because, in the end, we work a little bit in family. They’re people with who I work a lots of time and it’s one beloved mark to me. It’s always good to come here to Portugal and to photoshoot for Lanidor.

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