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Rossella Brescia

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Model, Dancer and Italian TV Presenter

Born in Martina Franca, Italy - August 20, 1971

Received her classical education in dance and in 1994 she graduated with top marks, the National Academy of Ballet of Rome.

Measurements 93-60-93

TV Credits:

Colorado Cafè (2005)

Matinèe (2007) Matinèe (2007)

Wind Music Awards (2008) Wind Music Awards (2008)

Ciccia è bella (2009) Ciccia is Beautiful (2009)

Concerto di Andrea Bocelli (2009) Andrea Bocelli Concert (2009)

I Love My Dog (2010)

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d452ea75165332.gif fa850275165335.gif 4e165775165337.gif 7144bf75165339.gif

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Can't go wrong with a white bikini

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