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  • 2 years later...

for someone who has been on this forum and fashionspot for years, you should have better knowledge of models and how to search for them. It irks me that you literally rip images from model agencies with that model's agency logo on them and still can't figure out who the hell the model is. Either your oblivious or completely lazy.

Also when you find this:


You knew her name but didn't even contribute that. Perhaps we would have search for her full name instead of Carmelita wasting her time on it.

Sometimes its not easy. It takes time to do it. Most members aren't going to spend the time and effort on every model you post because you post a lot and never contribute to anything but bump or more info. Sometimes you are the best person to find the model because you are the most interested in it.

So if you are oblivious I will teach you the way to find this model.

Let's start with the name.

Monica isn't a common name. You know what city Armani fashion show is so look through those agencies. There aren't that many. It's not like it's Brazil or Germany.

So look through all the Milan model agencies for a Monica or Monika, sometimes style.com makes spelling mistakes with names. If you noticed from googling, most models named Monica are Eastern European and she looks it too. Primarily, Monica's have been Polish. So, you can search the top Polish models but before you do that do this:

Search FMD, Bellazon, Fashionspot, Style, Vogue, etc just for the name Monica/Monika especially with 2009 in the search.

It took me 5 minutes of searching. She's on FMD. She's Polish but born in Sweden.

I'm pretty sure its Monika Rofler who I found through FMD. So the next time, you have a name of a model. Put the work in. Its not that hard. Sometimes you aren't going to be able to find a model that easy or by googling her name with agency or a town or a brand. You might have to search 50-100 agencies but if you ask for help and say which agencies you already searched perhaps I or someone else will take time out of their busy day to help.

What made me write this tirade is the fact, you have placed this in multiple forums over a year span and didn't even take the time to do a simple search of Fashion Model Database. It's not like you just found those pictures. You knew over a year ago there names and didn't bother to place them in this thread.

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