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Daphne Groeneveld

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Union Models




179cm (5′10.5″)

Place of Origin:

The Netherlands

Ethnic Origin:

100% Dutch



How discovered:

By my motheragent while shopping with my Mom.

Favorite things:

Vacations, Dancing and the fact that for my very first editorial I was flown in to Milan, that was a really great shoot and experience.

Favorite music, band:

I like lots of music. I last listened to Beyonce.


Ballet and modern dance.

Favorite piece of clothing:

I love wearing jeans.

Favorite artist (any kind):

I’m a big fan of Dutch model Doutzen Kroes.

Place you would love to visit:

New York, which will be soon I’m happy to say.

Currently you’re obsessed with/about:

Right now I’m obsessed with passing my school exams. models.com

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Rox    0

Didnt like the closeup pictures of her face, but I have to admit she looks really beatiful in that runway pic above :yes:

Thanks for all the pics, youreaprincess :flower:

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