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iceeagel´s guide to get that song he´s been craving!

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it´s that song  :cain: which is stuck in my head...and im gonna show you guys how i got it! (because it is not fully released yet :blink: )

the first thing i did was:

1.Step  - gather information

 which is pretty easy.

 at the end of the video (@ 0:40)


 we can clearly see the title and artist of song and also that he´s a rather new artist.


2.Step - Google is you best friend!



 and because we all know that new artists usually have a MySpace page...we are going to their MySpace page  :whistle:

 which in our case looks like this :


 since he hasnt uploaded any songs on his MySpace page we can´t download it with grab++ (Orbit downloader)

 BUT he has a website!

 3.Step - the website


you´ve probably seen that "sign-up for a free download of ..."

yeah...all you get is this :


well...soon is too long for me  :p

4.Step - actually getting  the song



see that?

an embedded player.

 click the triangle and listen to the song!

 but you want it on your mp3-player,right?

 there are multiple ways from now on.

freeware : you can either use 3audacity.jpg (it has an audio recorder)

or : my very favorite rpm3.jpg (costs $19.95 but is totally worth it when you have spota.jpg )

in the trial version of ReplayMusic you have 25 free recordings.

click here for download link and alternative sound recorders  (download.cnet.com)

and after you´ve recorded it save it as an mp3 or wav or whatever


click here and get the download link

password is the name of this board :D


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