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Noah Mills


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Got a question, I know you probably talked about how old he actually is before,

but I was wondering if anyone knows his correct birthdate.

I mean there are different years and months mentioned on several webpages that I actually got confused,

sometimes stated born 1985, then stated being 26, turning 27, born in march or december...

So, does anybody know his birthdate? :) .... oh, and does anyone know when the GQ Style will hit shelves? ;)

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Hey you guys, hope I don't bother you with all my posts :)

Got the chance to take a look at the German GQ Style.

Though pretty disappointed from the magazine there are some awsome pics in there.

"Disappointed" because it's just like one page about Noah with four little pics and the fashion isn't that great ...

nevertheless the cover remains hot :drool:

...oh...and those pics are pretty hot as well ;)

Though being a little sad for getting just a few responses in here I decided to share with you

and hope that you will love these pics as much as I do. ...so be sure you see it here first ;)

All pics scanned by me

post-38521-1267953766_thumb.jpg post-38521-1267953827_thumb.jpg

post-38521-1267967126_thumb.jpg post-38521-1267967147_thumb.jpg post-38521-1267967161_thumb.jpg post-38521-1267967180_thumb.jpg

That little text goes like:

Our cover-model Noah Mills is a supermodel and on his way to become a filmstar:

In "Sex and the City 2" the 24-year-old American got his first movie role.

Here he demonstrates his talent to combine two other things like nearly no one else does: Sport & Style

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Noah on the Bonnie Hunt Show :)

He's so cute and shy on that... his first talkshow... seems a little nervous and uncomfortable in between

but I think he was great

Someone knows how old this is? I mean since they're talking bout Valentines Day?

How come I didn't see this earlier?

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Since new pics come a little slowly these days I found some hot photo series

from back in 2009 and late 2008

Session 1:

Right on time ! - business catalogue for Breuninger at Potsdamer Platz, Berlin

Photograph: Holger Eckstein









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