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  1. Noah Mills

    I guess it's all a part of mass promotion but the family thing is kind of weird..
  2. Iker Casillas

    not a sara fan but that was completely adorable! iker's passion really shined through today, i couldnt be happier that the team was awarded with what they fought so hard for
  3. Raúl González Blanco

    funny that she mentions not minding living outside of spain...and speaks of the US specifically. i'd love to have raul closer but i'm not ready to see him out of madrid yet
  4. Noah Mills

    it says on that site that they are for the ports international campaign but i see no noah on their website...maybe they wont be released until next season?
  5. Noah Mills

    eep, spanish esquire! i've been looking for these for months, thank youuuuu
  6. Noah Mills

    simply gooooooooorrrrrrrgeousssssss
  7. Pep Guardiola

  8. Noah Mills

    I. AM. FLOORED. :shock:
  9. Iker Casillas

    that's a little.....farfetched, dont you think?
  10. Iker Casillas

    how about we ONLY post pictures of her if iker is ALSO in the picture? i dont hate her or anything but i come in here for the athlete, not his flavor of the week
  11. Iker Casillas

    can we talk about how RM is out of the champions? <_< ugh.
  12. Raúl González Blanco

    cicinho's been talking smack about raul...anyone know if he's responded yet?
  13. Noah Mills

    amazing! thanks for the scans
  14. Noah Mills

    so proud of noah, he is KILLING IT right now!
  15. David Beckham

    becks was molested by an italian reporter! post here: http://community.livejournal.com/ohnotheydidnt/43207959.html