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Just curious how you figure out how to make pictures from catalog webisted bigger? A couple of examples would be the Free People or JCrew websites. You can't really enlarge the photos by clicking on them, it is more of a zoom feature. I would like to learn how to enlarge the photos if anyone can help me that would be great!

Here are a couple of examples:



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Didn't you already start a thread on this topic awhile back??? :unsure:


Yes I did, thank you for noticing. I am still having trouble with the J Crew site and more specifically, I am wondering how people learn how to resize for different sites. For example, how does one know that for Free People you use one particular method and for J Crew another? My goal is to be able to capture the images of models like Renata Maciel, Amy Hixson, Lily Aldridge among others and then share them on this forum, seeing as how they are not being captured or shared on this site. If needed, you are welcome to merge the topics. The help from the previous topic was great, but I am still not well versed in the nuances and how one would go about differentiating one site from another. I still can't figure out how to capture large images from J Crew among other sites. The last topic did not generate a lot of responses and since I am fairly new here, thought to start another, somewhat diufferent thread. My apologies if I should have just continued the previous thread.

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