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Julian Morris

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When I was watching film Sorority row and I saw HIM I die and went to heaven :wub2: :hell yea!: :hell yea!:

Full name: Julian David Morris

Date of birth: 13 January 1983

Place of birth: London, England, United Kingdom

Age: 26

Height: 5"11"(1,80m)

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Green(I think)

Star sign:Capricorn

Trivia:Shares his birthday with actor Orlando Bloom

Of French, Russian and Southern African descent.


Whirlygirl (2004)

Don't Go Breaking My Heart (1999)

Cry Wolf(2005)

Donkey Punch(2008)


Sorority row(2009)




The Knock


Young Arthur


Kid in the corner

The knockMarple: The murder at the Vicarage

He also appeared in Sugababes video Freak Like Me

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Morris Major

By Andy Barker. Photographer: Paul Smith. Stylist: Gianluca Longo 04.12.08


Julian wears trench, £650, and trousers (part of suit), £650, Aquascutum (0800 282 9222). Shoes, £752, Louis Vuitton (020 7399 4050)

Julian Morris has started his career playing deeply unpleasant people. In Valkyrie, the forthcoming blockbuster set in Germany which tells the story of Claus von Stauffenberg's plot to assassinate Hitler, he plays a young lieutenant in the Afrika Korps. In last summer's Donkey Punch, he was a young man trying to fit in with glamorous friends at a party on a yacht who kills his girlfriend during violent sex. Both films have caused controversy. Donkey Punch was loathed by many: 'stylishly nasty' was the best one reviewer had to say, while another called it 'the most distasteful, depraved and nihilistic film I have ever had the misfortune to sit through'. This did no harm to its profile.


Julian wears shirt, £95, and trousers (part of suit), £650, Aquascutum (0800 282 9222). Tie, £85, Burberry (0700 078 5676)

The problems swirling around Valkyrie mostly centred around Tom Cruise, a Scientologist, playing the Catholic von Stauffenberg. Those were resolved, however, and filming was allowed in key locations, including Berlin. It has a glittering cast, including Bill Nighy, Terence Stamp and Kenneth Branagh, and for Morris, 'It was a golden experience. You couldn't wish to meet a nicer man [than Cruise]. He loves what he does and the passion and dedication transfers itself to everyone around him. He gave me great advice when we shared a few beers. Kate and Suri are lovely people as well.' At present, the 25-year-old is filming Sorority Row in the 'freezing' city of Pittsburgh with Rumer Willis, Demi Moore's daughter, and Carrie Fisher. It's also a horror film in which the accidental death of a sorority girl leads a masked killer to go on a spree. In this, he appears to have abandoned his menacing roles, though he claims, 'I loved playing the bad boy. My parents didn't.' When Sorority Row finishes he'll go back to LA to finish the 15th and final series of ER, in which he plays young surgeon Andrew Wade. 'On my first day they had me digging around and cutting up pig guts.'


Julian wears suit jacket, £375, suit trousers, £150, and jersey long-sleeved T-shirt, £125, Aquascutum (0800 282 9222). Rolex watch, from a selection (020 7034 7300)

Julian started acting at the Anna Scher Theatre school in Islington. He spent his teenage years in the RSC playing spear-carriers. After completing A levels he got a place at Nottingham University to read English, and had grand plans to tour Africa. But an agent convinced him to ditch both and got him a lead in an NBC pilot called Young Arthur, based on Arthurian legend. In 2005, 'much to the horror of my female friends', he killed off Jon Bon Jovi in Cry Wolf. Then he filmed Whirly Girl, a love story made by Kevin Costner's studio and directed by Academy Award-winner Jim Wilson. Back-to-back jobs this year have meant few opportunities to leave Beverly Hills, his adopted home, and come to visit his family in Muswell Hill. He grew up in nearby Crouch End with his accountant father Glen and former-teacher mother Andrea. His younger sister Amy, 22, who works for Alexander McQueen, he calls his 'best friend and go-to girl' for wardrobe advice. She hopes to forge a career in fashion marketing. He's also now a 'lifelong friend' of party-scene queen and Donkey Punch costar Jaime Winstone. Rumer Willis is a great new friend but he gets more excited about her 'lovely' mother, Demi. morris-major-489x326.jpg

Julian wears wool coat with leather collar, £795, and trousers (part of suit) £650, Aquascutum (0800 282 922). Rolex Oyster Watch, from a selection (020 7034 7300)

He's also a fashion addict: for smart events he likes British labels Aquascutum and Burberry for the 'great fit and added comfort'. For casual wear, he prefers the American label Modern Amusement, which he buys in Selfridges. For footwear he opts for the Italian shoemaker NDC. And his most prized item is an IWC watch. 'Would I say I'm vain? No. I just throw it on.'

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