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Private/Candid Materials & Images Of Celebs & Models

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Private/Candid Materials & Images

If it is accessible to the general public, meaning ANYONE can find or view the material (this includes, but not limited to, text and images), then it is ok to post them :) However, if the material is private and is not viewable by the general public please refrain from posting them. For example, Facebook. If you find personal pictures on a Celebrity's or Model's Facebook page, and it is only viewable by those who are on this person's friends list, then it is not a good idea to post them elsewhere :no: However, you are welcome to ask the owner of the material for permission to post them elsewhere. If they do not approve please respect their wishes :yes:

Please also read the Internet Privacy thread to get a better sense of this topic :)

If you have any questions on comment, please contact a BZ staff member :flower:

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