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James Rousseau


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Birth Name: James Osborne

DOB: December 19, 1980

Sign: Sagittarius

Nationality: British

Career Break: Miu Miu ad campaign

Style: Comfortable clothes, trainers

Relationship: Dated Brazilian model Ana Beatriz Barros

Education: Malvern College in the UK

Favorite Music: Techno, funky, punk

Height: 6'1" / 186 cm

Eyes: Green Blue

Hair: Light Brown


IMG Models, New York

Model Plan, Milan

Select Models, London


Some other jobs held by James Rousseau before his modeling career include assistant to rare-stamp collector and postal historian, assistant to Bananarama manager, and sweeper of turkey feathers at slaughterhouse.

He hates being called a "pretty boy".

His view of women is "great".

James Rousseau is said to be earning as much as $50,000 a day from modeling.

From being a boy wonder at a very young age to being a popular on ramp shows favored by numerous top designers, James Rousseau's modeling trajectory is nothing but a smooth ride. James is known for his representaton of youth and boyish charm, which still compells more disigners to seek for his images today.

Over one summer while James was helping out a family friend at a music store in London England, a couple of customers suggested that he should try to be a model. James Rousseau was just a 17-year-old public schoolboy then. So, for a laugh, he visited a local agency, Select Models. Just as he was being turned away for having no pictures, one of the agents decided to take a chance on him.

His Polaroid

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