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Nikki Cox


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Nikki Cox (born Nicole Avery Cox on June 2, 1978 in Los Angeles, California) is an American actress.

Cox's career as an entertainer started at the age of four, as she appeared as a dancer in several ballet productions and tv specials. At the age of ten, she got into acting, as she made appearances in several movies, and guest starred on shows such as Baywatch, California Dreams, Star Trek: The Next Generation and Blossom. She starred on General Hospital from 1993-1995.

Her appearances on various tv shows would lead to her first prime-time starring role as Tiffany Malloy on the sitcom Unhappily Ever After, a role that she had for the show's entire four year run. With her astonishingly good looks and her character's penchant to wear revealing outfits, many viewed her as the only reason to watch a sitcom which was generally viewed as a Married... with Children ripoff.

After "Unhappily" left the airwaves, she would portray Taylor Clayton on the sitcom Norm and star as Nikki White in Nikki, a sitcom vehicle that would only last for less than two seasons. She currently stars as Mary Connell on the drama Las Vegas. On May 20th and 23rd, her Las Vegas character will cross over to NBC soap opera Passions to coincide with the arrival of two new characters introduced in Las Vegas.

Cox had been engaged since 1999 to Bobcat Goldthwait, a comedian who played the voice of Mr. Floppy (a stuffed bunny) on Unhappily Ever After and is more than fifteen years her senior. She is currently dating actor Jay Mohr.


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