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Derek Jeter


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OK, so i've been holding back on making this topic for some time now coz i figured it was pretty much pointless anyway. the guy threads here dont get much love so why bother? but u know what...derek deserves his own damn thread! and if i am the only one who posts pics in it ever...then so be it, dammit!


quick facts:

Full Name:Derek Sanderson Jeter

Birthdate: June 26, 1974

Birthplace:Pequannok, New Jersey

Eye Color: Green

Hair Color:Brown


Weight:196 lbs.

Parents:Charles Jeter & Dorothy Connor

Siblings: One sister--Sharlee

Grandparents:William & Dorothy (Dot) Connor

Hometown:Kalamazoo, Michigan

Highschool:Kalamazoo Central High

College Attended:University Of Michigan (for about a year during the offseason)

Plans To Major In:Business

How Acquired:Selected in the first round (sixth pick overall) in the June 1996 free-agent draft

Resides In:Tampa, Florida (postseason), Trump World Tower Manhattan (during the season)

Car Driven: Mercedes

First Job:Mowing lawns

Shoe size:11 1/2


Throws: Right

The person he would be for a day:"Michael Jordan, because, you know, it would just be really cool to be Michael Jordan."

Favorite Snack:Chocolate Chip Cookies

Ice Cream Flavor:Chocolate

Food:Chicken Parmesan


Afraid of:Dogs


Endorsements:Master Card, Pepsi, Fila


Team Played On:The New York Yankees

Best Play Ever Made:"The best play I ever made was in Game 1 of the 1998 division playoffs. We were ahead of the Texas Rangers, 2-0, in the eighth inning. They had a runner on second, with two outs. Rusty Greer hit a slow roller. I charged in, grabbed the ball with my bare hand, and threw, all in one motion. Rusty was out by a step."

biography from yankees.com

Was signed by Dick Groch...graduated in 1992 from Kalamazoo Central High School, where he hit .508 (30-59) with 4 HR, 23 RBI, 21 BB and 1 K in 23 games as a senior...was 12-for-12 in stolen base attempts, had a .831 slugging percentage and a .637 on-base percentage...hit .557 with 7 HR as a junior...was named 1992 High School Player-of-the-Year by the American Baseball Coaches Association...was the recipient of the Joan Payson Award for community service in 1997, presented annually by the New York chapter of the BBWAA...received the New York Press Photographers' annual "Good Guy" Award for 1998...was the recipient of the Joe DiMaggio "Toast of the Town" Award for the second consecutive year in 2000...also received the Babe Ruth Award from the New York Chapter of the BBWAA in 2000, awarded annually to the World Series MVP...hosted Saturday Night Live on December 1, 2001...was honored with The Sporting News "Good Guy in Sports" Award in 2002 and also received an ESPY for the Best Play Award that same year...in 1996-his rookie season-Derek initiated his "Turn 2 Foundation," formed to support and create activities and programs designed to motivate youth to "turn to" a healthy lifestyle, academic achievement and leadership development and "turn away" from substances such as drugs and alcohol...to date, Turn 2 has awarded more than $4.5 million in support of his signature programs in Kalamazoo, Tampa and New York City...2005 marks a new phase for the Turn 2 Foundation (www.turn2foundation.org) as it moves its headquarters to New York City where it will continue to build upon the vision of seeing children grow safely and successfully into adulthood.

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haha yeah! i got a response :laugh:

i was actually thinking about making the thread for hot baseball players since no individual athlete gets all that much love in this place anyway...but then decided that i just wanted my man to have his own thread :laugh:

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yes!!!!!! we have ourselves another follower :laugh:

thanks britt :hug:


You're welcome. :)

Why are there only two other posters in this thread? What are you other people a bunch of Nomaaah fan!? He's with the cubs now tho so I guess it doesn't apply anymore


:laugh: :laugh:

the guy threads in this place just get NO love...and its just me and BlueEyedBaby in the baseball thread too <_<

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Did you guys see Derek's episode of SNL when he hosted back in 2001 in like-December? I loved that episode.  :laugh:


omg that was AWESOME!!!!

i just saw it the past year on E!

and i taped it too...

then my mom taped over it w/one of her spanish novelas <_<

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