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The band was formed after the summer of 2009 by the master Felipe. The idea behind it was to gather a group of creative musicians from different bands that could constitute an ensemble playing music that is sophisticated, ambitious and yet accessible.

Musically, gemiNi draws from many genres, mainly alternative and progressive rock, pop-rock and trip-hop.

The songs were recorded at a recent rehearsal.

Enjoy. And comment.

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this is not really alternative/pop rock... more instrumental/math rock.

at first the sound is pretty good. i love when the sound is a bit "live"

the trip hop part of the first song remember the beginning me a song of Alif Tree called "Enough"

edit : just listened this song after the second song and i think this one turn in circle too. the trip-hop style on the first part is interesting but there are too repetitions but i really like the second part (at 2:30)

the second is good. it sounds a bit like Don Caballero, Toe, maybe June of 44 Faraquet, Medication but in think the melody isn't enough developped. the music turns in circle and in the end it's a bit "long"

in the third song the music is more developped, this is a good point but i don't like the keyboard.

there is a potentiel but you need to develop the melodies because the vocal part is very "minimalist" and you can't stay with simple melodies if 90% of your music is instrumental.. :wave:

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Thanks for your comments :) I also think that our music is kinda repetitive, but I think it may sound better with the vocals on. There are no vocals in these recordings because our singer wanted to record the songs in instrumental versions to practice his vocals at home ;) So this "turning in circles" is a reference to the trip-hop style, that's how I see it.

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i don't remember i think it's in the second song you can hear someone talk XD

that's what i called the "vocal" :laugh:

the first song sound "trip hop" the the second and the third are more "rock" so you need to work on these songs but the result can be good and very interesting...

after the problem with this kind of music is the label...

unfortunately, it's always hard to find a label when you try something new.

that's what i say on the thread about the best musical decade and we talked about it with Federick and he told me The Beatles brought many new evolution on the musical scene.

that's true but they had the possibility to make discover a new kind of music, to experiment music because because they were famous and had money so it's always easier to find a label...

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The Beatles didn't rest on their laurels and actively sought out different influences, be it from drug culture, Indian culture, the art scene, etc and wrote great songs from it. Nobody handed it to them all on a plate, they went out searching, earning the right to record with total freedom and with the best technology.

That said, if Chinese Democracy by Guns n' Roses was recorded in 1967, it'd still not be a very good album even if nothing else at the time sounded like it.

Qball, what are you playing in these compositions? I listened to the second one and pretty much agreed with everything Baby said.

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