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Jason Shaw


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Name: Jason Shaw

Nick Name: Jay

DOB: November 4, 1973

Height: 6'2" (188cm)

Eyes: Blue Green

Hair: Dark Brown

Birth Year: 1973

Place of Birth: Chicago, Illinois

Education: the University of Chicago, Majored in History

Relationship: Once engaged to Paris Hilton, heiress of the Hilton fortune

Sister: Jessica (younger in high school, 19)

Brothers: John and Todd (both older)

Current Residence: L.A., CA and NYC

Family: Living in Connecticut

Personal Style: Jeans and t-shirt

Favorite Vacation Spot: Any tropical island

Favorite Pastime: Hanging out with his family and water-skiing on the bay near their home.

Agency: Wilhelmina Models

Jason Shaw is one the hottest and the highest paid male models in the fashion industry over the years. As a model, Jason Shaw is known for being the spokes model of Tommy Hilfiger (1998-2003). His sexy booty has been featured in Tommy billboards everywhere in the United States and across the world. As a celebrity, Jason is best known for his romantic involvement with Paris Hilton. What makes Jason so special that he was able to catch the eyes of the prestigious designer himself and the hotel heiress, is his clean-cut all-American good looks. The combination of subtle masculinity and beautiful blue eyes has turned Jason into one of the key modeling figures with a great number of fans everywhere.

Growing up in a family of two brothers and a sister, Jason is from Chicago Illinois. Jason initially went to University of Chicago for a history degree, and had planned to start his own business after graduation. His college roommate who came from South Beach, knew some people in the fashion business, and was attempting to get into modelling. Through him, Jason joined a ProScout event held in Chicago and was selected as the only male model among many other competitors. Under the encouragement of the scouts, Jason went to New York and signed with Wilhelmina Models. Soon, Jason had his first assignment for Abercrombie & Fitch. His modeling career started to take off ever since.

Jason laneded AB'95, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, DKNY, Giani Versace, Lacoste, Gap, Karl Lagerfield fragrances, Ralph Lauren, and just about every other major designer compagins and runway shows in his first two years. Give the opportunity, Jason got to travel around world, and has walked the runways in Milan, Paris, and New York.

After signing a contract in exclusive right by three years with the company Tommy Hilfiger in 2000, this American born has become one of the mostly talked about male faces in the business. According to Tommy Hilfiger, Jason Shaw represents the label perfectly: his capability of having versatile images of student, businessman and sportsman, symbolizes the American spirit through the clothing line.

Jason has been studying acting for the past a few years. He's currently living in Hollywood, trying to develop a career as an actor. Jason is keeping his options open, and won't shut the doors on modeling just yet. His Chicago degree won't go to waste after all, that he plans on going into business with his two brothers or going to graduate school.

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