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David Guillo


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ModelWatch Interviews Spain's top model David Guillo.

"I have been lucky to be working as a model and have the chance to see the world and get to know people from many places..." said David.

David Guillo is being groomed as the next most important male model from the highly- successful Group. Operating in sunny Barcelona and the Spanish capital, Madrid, the agency has discovered models who are now internationally known and most sought-after.

David who have done a number of high-profile modeling gigs in Spain as well as in various European fashion capitals is now moving "abante!" for the Big Apple and perhaps a chance to work for the "lucrative jobs" in Miami.

Represented by some of the best agencies in Europe, its about time to get to know more of David Guillo, one of Spain's up and coming star!

MW: It seems you have quite a following here in Spain, maybe you could tell our viewers something about you?

David Guillo: Simplemente soy un chico normal. I am a very simple guy who find myself lucky to be in fashion and working with so many different people and traveling around the world.

MODELING STATS: With light brown hair and blue eyes, David stands at 6'1".

RECENT MODELING GIGS: David have been the Cover Model for the Italian Fashion magazine, twice. With work for ads, including: Volvo, Trussardi Jeans, Moda Jeans and Mabro. Print shoot for Coca-Cola Light and a Fragrance campaign for Mariella Burani.

(David had the pair of the most beautiful eyes- blue, strikingly blue, and that highly prized physique, especially in the Miami scene, no wonder his discoverer Spanish photographer Douglas Vasquez did not hesitate to ask him to become a model.)

MW: Did you get your features from your Mother or are you more like your Dad?

David Guillo: To a large extent, I am more like my Mother, physically that is. Her height and facial features, for example.

MW: What's your first ever modeling gig? How was it and who discovered you to become a model?

David Guillo: It must be the undergear shoot, for a catalogue. It actually went quite well, maybe because I am working for a team of very professional people. Douglas Vasquez saw me one time while I was in the gym, he sort of ask me if I want to try modeling.

MW: ...and do you still remember what's the first thing you bought when you got your first model salary?

David Guillo: I think I was quite satisfied with what I did with my first pay- I went to dine at a fine restaurant with some very pleasant company.

MW: Any regrets in becoming a model, after all these times?

David Guillo: Initially, I was quite hesitant and I find it difficult to decide. It's more of whether I will be working full time as a model. I was in the opinion that I may neglect some important aspects of my life if I am going to model and travel regularly.

MW: It would be amusing to know if you got what we call "dream modeling assignment." Any gig that appeal very much to you?

David Guillo: I would be extremely interested in participating in a photoshoot for a bikini/underwear/lingerie campaign filled with lots of beautiful models. On a tropical island where its warm and relaxing would be the best.

MW: Certain models prefer doing the runways, while some like doing photoshoots, what part of modeling is your favorite and why?

David Guillo: I don't have a clear preference. I find the runways amusing, but for a photo session, there is a need to create a special "climate", a condition where the models play-act for the camera, with the Photographer as sort of Director. It really depends on the kind of work you might be doing, so at this point, I have no preference.

MW: Tell us something about the fashion scene in Spain?

David Guillo: Spain is not a country where fashion is followed by the way in which it becomes popular or trendy, for example in Milan. But I can say with some certainty that our choices for dressing up is similar to what someone might be doing in the United States. But given our tastes and our habits to dress have much to do with social class and our culture.

PHOTOSHOOTS: " ...for a photo session, there is a need to create a special "climate", a condition where the models play-act for the camera, with the Photographer as sort of Director. Selected Photoshoots- All Images courtesy of Group Models. http://groupmodels.modelboxserver.com/intro.html

MW: Tell us about the agencies that represent you, especially your mother agency Group Models?

David Guillo: I can say that a model's relationship with his agency is very complicated. This is because of the nature of our work, so I frown upon an agent if he/she would not take me seriously. With Group, I have the assurance that aside from what I can do as a model, they also know what to do in order to help me out.

MW: We want to ask you some personal questions...To start with, any particular type of woman you like? Do you have an ideal woman?

David Guillo: I am by nature, not a very demanding guy. But I need to be physically attracted to her and we need to share something in common. That would keep any relationship going.

MW: Do you listen to music and maybe you can tell us a line or two of your favorite?

David Guillo: Just like everybody else, I have a pile of songs that I love, and because they bring back memories or I love the sound of it and even its lyrics that makes me emotional.

MW: Do you like books? We know that sometimes models bring books during their waiting time, are you fond of them?

David Guillo: I do not have a bedside book that I reread habitually, I liked much "Ensayo sobre la ceguera" of Jose Sar

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