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Rita G

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Rita G.

Birthday: Feb. 05

Hometown: New York City

Height: 5'7''

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Brown

Measurements: 34C-27-37

Rita G, Rita Gordon, Rita Granberry an intriguing mix of black and Italian heritage, Rita G. is notable for having striking looks and wonderful 34Cs with great cleavage.

Born in New York City, Rita now calls Houston home. Rita G. was born with an exotic look, but in her opinion, she was nothing special. Rita G. remembers herself as a skinny kid with a self-described masculine body and a noticeable acne problem. Things changed when she started to develop curves in the right places at 17, an evolution that continued until she was 22. With that, the body of a model was born.

Rita became a nationwide phenomenon after an unprecedented appearance in Black Men’s Magazine and on the Howard Stern Television show in late 2003 where Rita magically unveiled the world’s Best Natural Breasts with a style all her own! She was only too happy to oblige and the show’s ratings went through the roof. Rita G.’s episode was so popular that it was promptly rebroadcast just two weeks later.Over the next few years Rita has appeared in Playboy Special Edition (”Voluptious Vixens” Nov. 2005), been featured on the COVER of a national magazine (”Smooth Girl” October 2005), appeared in more than a dozen other major magazines.

She says she is a perfectionist with everything she does. With her body, she seems to live and sleep in the gym, she eats the right foods, and stay away from drugs and alcohol. she love experiencing life, and she love that enough people have taken an interest in her that she is able to travel the world to meet people in different cultures. She likes music.She says that Reggae ,New age, hip-hop and old-school jazz always seem to put her in just the right mood. She says her best trait is that she’s an excellent communicator, and that her worst is she hates to clean up.

Today Rita Granberry also more commonly known as simply Rita G is one of the more popular busty bikini centerfolds babes on the net.

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