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About me

I came into this world 20 years ago, born and raised on the beautiful coast of California in San Diego. I am mix of African American, Russian and French Canadian. Growing up I was active in many sports such as volleyball, basketball, track, gymnastics, and cheerleading. A future in sports seemed to be calling my name until the world of modeling took flight.

After graduated from high school I moved to New York to attend college and cheer for my university. A trip back to Los Angeles, California would be the turning point of my modeling career. In the spring of 2007 I was introduced to Sean Cummings who immediately fell in love with my bright smile and green eyes. My first SHOW Magazine debut was in the Black Lingerie Issue, August 2007. Ever since that magazine hit news stands across the nation I have built a fan base of men and woman young and old. The high cost of school in New York and rising level of opportunity in Los Angeles made me put away my cheer uniform forever and head to the “City of Angels.” Ever since my move to LA I have been blessed with endless opportunities.

In June 2008 my first cover came out and I knew that was only the beginning. I now have my own website and have appeared in various music videos. The sky has no limit and I intend to keep going as long as I have the support of my fans.

Info taken from http://www.idreamofdiznee.com/

vixens633chelseaakadizn.th.jpg vixens630chelseaakadizn.th.jpg 2b1.th.jpg vixens346diznee1efc6e2.th.jpg dizneefrontalshot1efa1a.th.jpg vixens382chelseaakadizn.th.jpg diznee0091f08957.th.jpg dizneevixens129diznee41.th.jpg vixens634chelseaakadizn.th.jpg vixens628chelseaakadizn.th.jpg vixens379chelseaakadizn.th.jpg vixens377chelseaakadizn.th.jpg diznee051708014321gif11.th.jpg vixens378chelseaakadizn.th.jpg dizneechelsea3.th.jpg chelseaakadiznee311f54c.th.jpg dizneechelsea5.th.jpg dizneechelsea4.th.jpg contactdiznee1f44cc8.th.jpg dizneenappyafro011f8874.th.jpg dizneenappyafro041f902d.th.jpg


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