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Cubana Lust

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Cubana Lust has never been a stranger to hard work, dedication or paving the way for herself. Being born to Cuban parents from Santiago, Cuba but raised in Little Havana, Florida has definitely cultured her and kept her humble and well rounded throughout her life. Cubana Lust, who is never the one to take anything for granted, has began making a name for herself within the urban modeling world with ease and positive results. Her results and efforts were noticed by some key industry insiders was when she decided to make modeling and branding her image a full-time job. Many of Cubana’s fans can recognize her in popular car magazines as well as a few west coast music videos, but none of the magnitude of the Cubana's hurricane that is about to take affect.

CubanaLust has a certain innate passion and love for modeling and performing that is ever present as soon as the cameras turn on.

If you were to sit down with Cubana and ask her what her greatest inspiration is she would tell you “Family is the most important thing to me in the world and comes second only to the Lord above”. With a focused path such as that, there is no way she could come out anywhere but on top!

Modeling, Dancing and Spokes model are 3 of the main areas Cubana is well equipped to dominate in the entertainment arena with zeal and success. Make sure you watch for all the upcoming things this talented young woman is ready to bring in the years to come, she is destined to be among one of the top urban models to elevate the game in business acumen and tenacity. Cubana Lust is one star worth falling for!

Info taken from http://www.cubanalust.com/

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