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Sabrina Salerno


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Sabrina Salerno (born Norma Sabrina Salerno, 15 March 1968, Genoa, Italy) otherwise better known in her singing career as Sabrina is an Italian singer, television hostess, model, actress, and record producer.


The 1980s

After winning a beauty contest in her native region, Liguria, Sabrina started modeling, and in 1985 made her television debut in the Italian prime time show Premiatissima on Canale 5. The following year, her debut single "Sexy Girl" , sung in English, was released. Produced by Claudio Cecchetto, it became a Top 20 hit in her native Italy as well as in Germany.

In late 1987, she released her first album, Sabrina, which was entirely sung in English. Initially in the UK the BBC banned the video until it was edited. The reason for the ban was that it showed Sabrina dancing in a swimming pool wearing a bikini, as she was dancing her bikini top kept falling down revealing her nipples. In addition to "Sexy Girl", the album included Sabrina's international top five hit

, which has sold more than 1.5 million copies to date worldwide, and "Hot Girl", a top 20 hit in some European countries.


In 1988, Sabrina received "The Best European Singer" award during the Festivalbar event, and enjoyed another European-wide summer hit with the single "All Of Me (Boy Oh Boy)" (produced by Stock, Aitken & Waterman). Later in that year, her second album, Super Sabrina, was released, and she established herself as a true European sex symbol thanks to the raunchy videos that accompanied hits such as "My Chico" (#1 in Italy) and "Like a Yo-Yo" (produced by Giorgio Moroder). The latter became the TV theme of Odiens, a very popular Italian Saturday prime time TV show, in which Sabrina also starred.

Thanks to the success of the albums and her sexy image, she was soon to perform in several European TV shows and concerts such as the Montreux Pop Festival in 1988. Another famous performance was in 1989 at the Olympic Stadium in Moscow, where fifty-thousand people gathered over three days to enjoy Sabrina's show and music. In 1989, she starred in the Italian movie Fratelli d'Italia and released a remix album called Super Sabrina Remix, as well as a new single, "Gringo".


More info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sabrina_Salerno

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