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Cindy Crawford


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(I’m taking the rest of the day off—very tired…)


I initially saw Cindy in some sort of model contest in Chicago (probably at the nightclub FACES, albeit in daylight hours). I believe she was 16 at the time. Immediately there was something (her fabulous looks?) that set her apart from the half-score of other girls.

Cindy, virtually, overnight, became the hottest fashion model in Chicago. ‘Fashion’ was, essentially, a function of the retail stores; notably, Marshall Field.

Top fashion photographer, Victor Skrebneski, had a virtual hold on Cindy much of the time.

Meanwhile, I was shooting for Harper’s Bazaar in the 1980s. I don’t recall the job, but I wanted to book Cindy for a photo shoot. Anthony Mazzola, Bazaars. editor-in-chief, denied me, saying, “We don’t want photographers hiring their girlfriends.”

Of course Mazzola had no idea of who Cindy was, and, most certainly, she was not my girlfriend.

That immediately shattered any possibility that Cindy would become a famous model.

A second time that I tried to book Cindy—this time for a job in Mustique for Bazaar Italia, I was unable to get her because Skrebneski had her iced (a hold for a potential booking). I should have been more insistent with her agency. Instead, I had a number of models stop by my New York hotel room. I chose an unknown, Jill Goodacre, for the assignment.

Jill (later, married Harry Connick, Jr.) came down to Mustique, and did a fine job. The publisher was so taken with her that he booked her in Italy where she did some wonderful photos for Valentino. (Unfortunately, I was not there.)

This photo of Cindy was shot in Chicago back in our early days—I’m not sure if it was made in the 1970s or later.



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