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Your favorite, sexiest, hottest "PG-rated" photos?


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LOL :rofl: ! I was going to start this topic :rofl::ninja: . Its actually somewhat harder than I thought as the line between PG and PG-13 can be somewhat fine at times. That is most sensual model pictures classify as PG-13 with the topless being R and full frontal being NC-17 or so. To be sensual within the confines of PG is an interresting feat indeed seeing as how more subtlty is at play. As to the actual clothes, there probably is somewhat of a range even within even G though given some of the Disney princess attire. Some of it is probably in the presentation although thongs and lingerie probably aren't within said range.

post-17304-0-1446023556-11669_thumb.jpg post-17304-0-1446023556-15795_thumb.jpg post-17304-0-1446023556-16501_thumb.jpg


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