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Brown Eyed Girls


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Brown Eyed Girls (브라운아이드걸스) or B.E.G. is a South Korean vocal girl group. The girl group is managed by Nega-Network (내가네트워크). The group consists of four members, Jea (Kim, Hyo Jin), Ga-in (Son, Ga-in), Narsha (Park, Hyo Jin) and Miryo (Cho, Mihyea). The music group is signed to Nega Network and first appeared in 2006, however they did not get their big break till January 2008 with the release of their mini-album With Love.

Member Profiles

Birth name Stage name Hangul Date of Birth Vocal Position

Hyojin Kim 제아 (Jea) 김효진 September 18, 1983 (1983-09-18) (age 25) Leader, Vocals

Ga-in Son 가인 (Ga-in) 손가인 September 20, 1987 (1987-09-20) (age 21) Vocals

Hyojin Park 나르샤 (Narcia) 박효진 December 28, 1983 (1983-12-28) (age 25) Vocals

Mi Hyea Cho 미료 (Miryo) 조미혜 November 2, 1983 (1983-11-02) (age 25) Rapper

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Brown Eyed Girls tops music charts a week into their comeback


After their comeback stage 4 days ago, the Brown Eyed Girls has attained No.1 on Internet Music charts.

From July 29th-30th, they were number one on Cyworld real time charts, as well as 3rd and 4th on Mnet Daily chart and Bada charts with their song “Abracadabra”

It is a remarkable achievement since they had only just come back with a new album Sound. G launched on July 21st. They have managed to push 2NE1 down to 2nd position.

The members of Brown Eyed Girls are also in the top 3 positions for the most searched terms on Naver. Their controversial music video helped boost the popularity and interest in the girls.

The Brown Eyed Girls are currently practicing hard in singing and choreography to put up better performances in various music programs.




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Brown Eyed Girls GaIn, “I watched adult films and learnt a lot”


Member GaIn Brown Eyed Girls, who was once criticised for the provocative bed scene included in the MV to their title song ‘Abracadabra’ off their comeback album ‘Sound G’, revealed that she has learnt a lot through watching adult films.

GaIn said on Maybee’s KBS radio show on 9th August, “I have never had any skinship with man.” and Narsha added, “Without this kind of experience, you are unable to express the feelings to the scene.” GaIn continued, “I really have no experience to this and I am pretty conservative. But I learnt a lot through watching adult films.

GaIn added, “The adult film was a gift from fans.” which took the MC Maybee by surprise. Narsha added, “The adult film CD was given by a fan with the words ‘Garden Diary’.”

Meanwhile, Brown Eyed Girls ‘Abracadabra’ is going very strong up on various music sites.


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Brown Eyed Girls to be on Kim Jung Eun's Chocolate!

Brown Eyed Girls went onto Kim Jung Eun's Chocolate yesterday, which will be aired on the 21st August. Ga-in is performing a dance of Rain's "Rainism", and all the girls are performing 2PM's "Again and Again", Drunken Tiger's "I Want You", and their own "How?". Here are some pictures from the show.

post-25098-0-1446122764-83055_thumb.jpg post-25098-0-1446122764-8635_thumb.jpg post-25098-0-1446122764-88836_thumb.jpg post-25098-0-1446122764-91761_thumb.jpg post-25098-0-1446122764-95507_thumb.jpg post-25098-0-1446122764-98055_thumb.jpg post-25098-0-1446122765-01118_thumb.jpg post-25098-0-1446122765-03249_thumb.jpg post-25098-0-1446122765-04746_thumb.jpg

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