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Quinn Allman


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Name: Quinn Allman

Age: 23

Birthday: January 18, 1982

Zodiac Sign: Aquaries

Part of the Band: Guitar / Back Up Vocals

He was part of the band since day 1

He has been in jail

He joined the band when he was only 15 years old

23 year old Quinn Allman, guitarist of the Used, was born on January 18, 1982. Quinn grew up in Utah. Quinn is the funny, crazy type of guy. He describes himself as generous, colorful, passionate, creative and insecure. Growing up, Quinn was very shy and argued with his teachers in high school a lot. The first sport he was ever into was Baseball, he was a shortstop. At a very young age, Quinn started being in bands. His first band was a band called "Hey Santos!". At age 15, he became a member of The Used, drawing influences from bands such as Face to Face, Golfinger, Thursday, Kenna, Weezer, Jimmy Eat World and one of his favorites, New Transit Direction. He also currently listens to bands like The Killers and The Mars Volta. Before they even got a chance to be signed, which would be years later, Quinn worked a few jobs. His very first job was at Arby�s. His last job, before the band got signed, was at a golf course. Quinn actually liked this job a bit. He got to get up early, and mow the lawn while blasting his favorite music and watching the sunset. Of course, nothing could be better to him than getting a record deal. After getting a deal, Quinn still loves film, music, and collecting old bicycles. Quinn had written the song, On My Own and came up with the video concept idea for All That I�ve Got. He has also gone through quite a few arrests, one being for no good reason in Florida. Cops say it was for 'trespassing'. His first arrest was for stealing. Quinn has stolen quite a bit. But he has also felt very secure with everything in his life, and taken up drugs. He now rides on the 'party' bus.

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