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Elle Liberachi

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El jefe : if it's more convenient for you to use Turboimage go ahead, otherwise could you use Imagevenue etc ?

Because I can't get the images from Imagebam or Turboimage with Bulk Image Downloader :(

And as she is a model, I think the topic should be moved to the fashion models section

For the last time, Elle is not a fashion model. If the only work you do is appear in Men's Magazines, Lingerie/Swimwear Catalogue work, and appear in music videos, you are not a fashion model. Although Elle is extremely successful in Europe, she is not considered a fashion model. She doesn't walk down runways. She doesn't appear in fashion magazines such as Vogue or Elle. She doesn't land any campaigns that don't involve her modeling in her underwear. Other than Bon Prix, most of her catalogue work is alongside of British glamour models. She is best known for appearing in Maxim and FHM. She also appears on latex fetish sites under an assumed name, something fashion models don't do.

She is a beautiful girl who is well on her way of becoming super famous if she plays her cards right. She dropped IMM and is now with commercial agency Leni's Model Management. All she needs to do is get rid of all the other glamouresque agencies and she will be set. MD Managaement in Hamburg ( a fashion agency) is getting her commercial work in Germany like Bon Prix. She needs to go completely glamour or completely commercial because right now she is in a limbo just like this thread.

And my weekly modeling rant is over. LOL (For other rants see Alejandra Gonzalez Daly) LOL

My bad :blush:

If you have any others like these last two pictures... :drool:

no, i don't. I am not really into that kind of modeling. I only knew about them because of someone else and I found those on WhosdatedWho's picture database. According to whosdatedwho, she models under Ariana. Try google search Ariana and latex maybe? IDK.

Maybe ask in the more male orientated model forums.

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