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Adam Senn


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There is no Adam Senn's topic..what a pity! I've made one! He is such a talented and handsome modell! Do you know him? :)

Added bio


Easy going and devastatingly charming, Adam Senn is one of the latest and the hottest young stars that emerged in the fashion scenes in 2003. Largely due to his exposure in the controversial Spring 2003 Gucci campaign, Adam Senn has become the latest bad boy in the fashion industry. Other campaigns and fashion editorial appearances under his belt, including Valentino, Boss, Italian Vogue, Maxim, Tetu and Dutch Men's Magazine, which all took place within one short year, well proves the high demand for his booty, and his rising to prominence in his profession.

Born in Paris, France, Adam Senn however is raised in the heart land of the USA, Texas. Adam wasn't united with his father until he was seven years old when his grandparents passed way, who had previously disapproved his parents' marriage. He moved from Bridge City to a bigger town Sugarland, where he developed his interest in golf and baseball since the early age. Some other interests of Adam are basketcall, soccer, and acting, which he was involved with in high school.

Modeling was in Adam Senn's blood that his dad was once a model under Paige Parkes. On the occasion while he was accompanying his girlfriend to a model convention, Adam was discovered in a hotel lobby by Gaspard Lukali-Lacote, an agent from Re:Quest Models. He was later introduced to meet the owner of the agency, and a contract was signed two days after his arrival in New York.

After finishing high school in May 2002, Adam Senn moved to New York to start his career in modeling, but his golf career had to be put on hold. Adam Senn met one of the top fashion photographers Mario Testino through a casting call, who liked his looks instantly and later recuited him as one of models in spring/summer Gucci campaign. Adam Senn became the subject of the arresting images of 'G' and 'Spanking' in this single assignment, which offically marched his career to a new chapter.

Just weeks after Adam finished his shooting for Gucci, he was signed for a Valentino campaign from a few Polaroids that his agency sent to Steven Meisel. Adam also opened and closed the Exte shows in Milan. He is recently heading to Hollywood to test his luck in acting business. After a couple of interviews, Adam already got himself a role playing a teenage stoner in the new movie "Brick". It's fair to say that Adam Senn is on his way to becoming the next hearthrob in Hollywood.

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