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Shawn Desman


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When's Shawn's birthday?

January 12

What's his real name and why the name change?

Shawn's real name is Shawn Fernandes. The name change isn't anything huge, just a couple friends called him Des for short, then it turned into "DES MAN whatsup!" so it clicked together and he got 'DESMAN' ..intresting huh

Does Shawn have siblings?

2 younger brothers, Daniel and Jonathon

When did he start singing/performing?

Shawn was performing since he was kid. Once he turned 9 or so he started to perform in the Toronto Portuguese community. Once he got older he started taking dance, leading to him teaching dance lessons to the local youth.

What school did Shawn teach at?

Danceology in Toronto

How did Shawn get his record deal?

His current manager heard about him through word of the mouth, and everything just clicked.

What about his acting career?

Shawn appeared along side Martin Short, Sisqo and Shane West in Get Over It where he played an attendant in the school play. More recently Shawn was in the movie Honey with Jessica Alba. He plays a popstar who Jessica Alba(Honey) is a background dancer in his video.

What other music videos has he been in?

Boomtang Boys- Squeeze Toy and he was in an Alanis Morrisette video.

Is Jungle his bestfriend?

Yes Mario aka Jungle is his bestfriend.

Who does he look up to?

Michael Jackson

He produces for other artists like...?

His UOMO label mate Keisha Chante, In Essence, Kuya and others

Whats his trademark?

The almighty SD pose, he even has a bling chain displaying the trademark. He made it up one day just for the fact that he wanted people to be able to see that and link it back to 'Shawn Desman' kind of like Michael Jackson's black toe tip stance.

What's his label called?

SONY-BMG ViK Recordings and UOMO

Where does Shawn record?

All over the place! But he recently built his own studio in his home!

Who did he record with on the new album?

Rodney Jerkins (Destiny


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