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Lenz Von Johnston

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Lenz Von Johnston

Agency: VNY Model Mgmt.

Age: 21

Height: 6'2"

Place of Origin: Germany, Munich

Ethnic Origin: Totally German.

Birthsign: Leo.


How discovered: I was on a movie set and a make up artist (Mo May) asked if she could take pictures of me for her book and then those pictures (by photographer Dirk Merten) were sent to my mother agent (Cento-Scouting in Berlin, Germany).

Favorite things: Acting, sports.

Favorite music, band: Cold War Kids.

Hobbies: Tennis, ice hockey.

Person you'd love to meet and why: Klaus Kinski, because he was the best!!!

Animal you would love to be: Eagle.

Favorite foods: Italian food.

Movie you want to see next: "Die Welle"(it's a German film, in English it means "The Wave").

Currently you're obsessed with/about: Traveling and exploring the world.

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