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The Bitch Thread


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DAMN This switching forums i still cant find a reasonable one  <_<  apart from phpbb which inst too bad but it doesnt have subforums.

Ohhhh... so that's why there isn't any sub-forums. It's still cool though, and this one doesn't move really slow like the other one... which is one of the main factors.

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Broke my goddamn PS2 controller today. I officially hate GTA-San Andreas.

There are so many things that agitate me about this game.

Half the time targeting doesn't work, like if your under heavy fire from the cops, everything slows to a crawl and buttons don't work. I even switched controllers just to make sure it wasn't that.

Stupid, RC mission with the damn plane and you have to kill courrier's, the plane sucks.

And that one driving school mission, where you have to get to the end of town and back in under 2 min with no damage to your car, god damn cars are always pulling out in front of me.

Damn mission where you have to kill the dirty priest, every time I blow up his car mine explodes too. I've tried shooting him from a little farther away, but the bullets seem to do no damage.

I was a goddamn master at GTA 3 and Vice City, what is my problem with this game.

Successfully Bitched and Vented. :shifty:

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I'm not crap, the game just had new physics and shnit, yyou bump a pole it actually spins you all over the place where as, in the other two it didn't do that so bad.

The camera when you go up hills gets all screwed up and you can't see what's a head of you unless you manually move the camera up.

Just a few little things, that to me make the game a little less fun to play.

It's still fun to go around and shoot up the place though.

It's just that a lot of the missions are tedious and not well planned out by the creators of the game.

But a lot of them are fun as shit too. So I am torn, I really did mess my controller up, so I tried to take apart a different one and put it inside the black one, but that didn't work, and now neither works. :laugh:

So I can't play it even though I want to. :/

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yea the aimming sucks! in gta cj pissed me off so much yet he is so cool. you dont have to do the rc plane mission though capt its just a side mission. the driving mission was simple for me it was scary though so many cars almost hit me. you dont have to drive so fast as to driving carefully in that mission.

oh but im here to bitch, my little hoilday for school is almost over, i hate it it was to short. i want to blow my school up. its stupid

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