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Nicolas Ripoll

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wow! that sounds like an outlandish rumour! facts, send the link plz. but apart from that I really like this model, and he really always kills it in paris with the raf simons, prada kind of bookings. He even walked in versace for fall 2010! I feel like he's gona go far because he's a prada boy. And have you seen his photography, its pretty awesome.

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Nico doing gay porn?.. hmm i dunno if that's true, but I know that he is gay and apparently he was dating Dior Homme's spring 2010 campaign model Juan Manuel Arancibia, who's also from Argentina

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whoa!! gay xxx....i highly doubt it...and i didnt know he was gay....thats good to know...i always encounter that with friends that discover i follow male models, they always ask if they are all gay just because they are in the fashion field, i always say no..of course but it is nice to know they are gay models out there that are making it big.

ps. i bought a sisley messenger bag just because nicolas is the face of the campaing mahaha

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