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Jeremy Sisto


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Jeremy Sisto

October 6 1974,Grass Valley California

6"1 1/2

He's been in 72 movies/t.v shows Im not about to name them all,but the highlights are:

Six Feet Under-Billy Chenowith

Waitress-Earl Hunterson


Law and Order-Detective Cyrus Lupo

I just watched Kidnapped over the weekend,he is gorgeous :drool:



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Oh, I know him. He's sexy! :drool:

:yes: He is very sexy!!

I like your set,Peter as Carlisle was hot too,wish he had been in Twilight more though <_<

Thank you! :hug: Yeah, that would have been nice. I think he's gonna be in the second one. Have you seen him in Damages? That is where I fell in love with him.

Here are some pics I found of Jeremy.


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I didn't realize until today that there was a Jeremy Sisto's topic here :o

I first "met" him from the tv series Julius Caesar (2002) and I've never forgotten his face :blush:. Two weeks ago I saw the movie Waitress (2007) and guess who was there? Jeremy :laugh: It was a pleasant surprise although his character was horrible > http://www.scene-stealers.com/top-10/top-1...movie-husbands/

Here some photos. All credits: http://www.sisto-act.net/pix.html








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