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Miranda Kerr reconsidering Victoria’s Secret contract after use of toxic chemicals revealed?

Miranda Kerr is the most famous face, and figure, of Victoria's Secret but it appears she’s may have been forced to reconsider her relationship with the lingerie brand, following a report by Greenpeace that has exposed its manufacturing methods.

The charity investigated 20 brands, including Victoria’s Secret, to assess whether toxic chemicals were used in their products. The report, called Toxic Threads: The Big Fashion Stitch Up, found the lingerie giant were guilty of doing so and this has now reportedly forced Miranda to reconsider her relationship with the brand.

The Australian model has built up a reputation as a champion of green products, she owns her own organic skincare line, KORA Organics, as well as being an advocate of naturally-sourced ingredients. She is also the global ambassador for Earth Hour, who are in partnership with WWF. And if that wasn’t enough evidence of Miranda’s pledge to protect the environment she’s also promised to offset her carbon footprint.

Martin Hojsik, a spokesman for Greenpeace, told the Mail on Sunday that the levels of harmful phthalates present in Victoria’s Secret underwear were so high that ‘if that product was a toy it would not be permitted in the EU.'

Greenpeace is campaigning to see these be replaced with less-harmful substitutes.

Both Miranda and Victoria’s Secret are yet to respond to the reports but it’s feared if she does hang up her coveted angel wings, other high-profile models will follow her.

Source: AnaBBarrosfan & http://www.marieclaire.co.uk

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^ So interesting video.Thanx PC.

About that [Miranda reconsidering Victoria’s Secret contract after use of toxic chemicals ],Miranda seems little bored with VS lately,would this be another good excuse for a coming way out?

Anyway,here are HQs from Nov.26th outing, :wave:



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from Nov21

I forgot to mention,this is my 3rd fav look of Miranda recently.

post-38290-0-1446156258-98455_thumb.jpg post-38290-0-1446156258-99363_thumb.jpg post-38290-0-1446156259-00169_thumb.jpg post-38290-0-1446156259-00941_thumb.jpg post-38290-0-1446156259-01679_thumb.jpg post-38290-0-1446156259-02443_thumb.jpg

+this HQ from tumblr.com


post-38290-0-1446156259-04308_thumb.jpg post-38290-0-1446156259-05021_thumb.jpg post-38290-0-1446156259-05718_thumb.jpg


post-38290-0-1446156259-06381_thumb.jpg post-38290-0-1446156259-07147_thumb.jpg post-38290-0-1446156259-07903_thumb.jpg post-38290-0-1446156259-08871_thumb.jpg



Does anyone know when was this outing?

And thanx all for great efforts here. :flower::heythere:

z__2_.jpg z__1_.jpg
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