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Francisco Lachowski


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Is it just me or does he look more 'beefy' I'm not saying it's bad- hes sexy as ever- but I think he use to be more lean. Btw I like the new 'EY' magazine photo. Hes a great model, he posed as if he doesn't know hes sexy, but honey..it's on him like wet on water! :drool:

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This is really tiny, but different than the version in the issue.


I don't think the Fiasco pics are bland. Not a fan of this hairstyle, but we knew that was coming from the preview pic and the behind the scenes photo from the shoot. The group shots would be better without the girl, only because I don't like the expression on her face and it distracts me. I LOVE the suspenders :drool: and the Clockwork Orange theme, and as I said on tumblr, the bowler hat shot is epic.

source: fiascomag.com

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I like the pictures @ MID3 . But what strikes me that Chico always has stiff niples :brows: , Have you that also noticed?

Your comment made me laugh so much.

I don't think that it means that he's always turned on or horny.It's just the way his nipples are made.But I agree with Riv,that's one of his (many) great features.

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