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DITTO!!! shall we just say, "sky's the limit?" :whistle: :laugh: thanks for starting his thread, haute!! btw, any info on this sexy lad? :wave:

HOLY CRAP!!! i just read my post and gave the wrong person the recognition..soooooo sorry bel!!!!!!!!! i accidentally saw the above post which thats haute posted and i got all excited about seeing this new cutie and wasnt thinking :whistle: So, let me rephrase it.....THANKS for starting his thread, thebelgianhare!!!

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:laugh: awh man hahaaa thats so cute and funny! tssh, i dont mind, i thought it was funny.i dont do it for recogition, just do it to show some handsome men and give them recognition...and of course for people to like :drool: .so hey thats no problem :)

i think that's why i love starting threads on models who are virtually unknown....they'll get their due that they deserve one day....besides, it's very rare for a model to start at the top...they have to start somewhere, usually it's the bottom and working their way up!! :wave:

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