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Visiting New York in January


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Hello everybody!

I used to post here some years ago. Now I'm going to visit New York, and I remember that some of you were from somewhere around. I would now like to get an inside view of which places to visit, and what to do.

I'm arriving with my girlfriend 10/01 and leaving 18/01. So we have pretty much time.

Thank you for your answers, lets make this a thread for the future.


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I'm in NYC everyday.... so yeah, definitely bring a scarf

And I agree as far as SoHo, Met, and also the Museum of Natural History.

SoHo is nicer when it's warm out so you can walk around.

I would say go to Rockefeller Center or Saks Fith ave or the Time Warner Center in Columbus Circle to see the Christmas decorations, but they are down by like January 2.

There are tons of places to go, but definitely be sure to bundle up.

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New York at that time of year is brilliant, the snow in manhattan is so beautiful!

Although unfortunatley you probably will miss all the christmas lights and decorations - they are really spectacular. Nowhere does christmas like NYC!

and I agree with all these guys that say to bring you warm gear!! It can be pretty freezing!

I would say definitely go see a show on Broadway!!

And just all the typical NY stuff - Cantral Park, visiting the designer stores on 5th Avenue, and obviously Times Square at night!!!!


Aw, I love NY!

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oh my gosh!!! finland!!!! then yah! you'll be fine!!! its gonna be like summer time for you!

hahaah! the gigantic bum urinal decorated with lights at the Rock! ohh... i mean... The Christmas Tree!!! thats right! CHRISTMAS! pc that!!!

ohhhhhhh!!! and stop by Josie's for lunch on the east side!!! :)

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