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Naomi Watts


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Naomi Watts was born in Shoreham, England on September 28, 1968 to Peter and Miv Watts. Peter Watts, the sound engineer to Pink Floyd died when Naomi was seven and she began to follow her mother and her brother around England until they settled in Australia when she was fourteen. She coaxed her mother into letting her take acting class when they arrived. After bit parts in commericals, she landed her first role in _For Love Only (1986)_ . Naomi met her best friend Nicole Kidman when they both auditioned for a bikini commerical and they shared a taxi ride home. In 1991, Naomi starred along Kidman in the sleeper-hit _Fliriting (1991)_ directed by John Duigan. Naomi continued her career by starring in the Australian _Brides of Christ (1991)_ co-starring Oscar-winners Russell Crowe and Brenda Fricker. In 1993 she worked with John Duigan again in Wide Sargasso Sea (1993) and director George Miller in Gross Misconduct (1993)_ . Tank Girl (1995)_ , in 1995, an adaptation of the comic book was a cult hit, starred Naomi as Jet Girl, but it didn't fare well at the box-office and didn't do much for her career as a whole. Watts continued to take insignifant parts in movies including the much forgotten film _Children of the Corn IV: The Gathering (1996)_ . It wasn't until 'David Lynch' cast her in the critically acclaimed film _Mulholland Drive (2001)_ that she began to become noticed. Her part as an aspiring actress earned showed her strong acting ability and wide range and earned her much respect, as much as to say by some that she was over-looked for a Oscar nomination that year. Stardom finally came to Naomi in the suprise hit The Ring (2002), which grossed over a hundred million dollars at the box-office and starred Watts as a investigative reporter hunting down the truth behind several mysterious deaths seemingly caused by a video tape. While the movie did not fair well with the critics, it launched her into the spotlight. In 2003, she starred in Alejandro Gonz

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She's a lesbian...

Am I complaining? Not at all. :evil:


Not at all indeed: she likes and prefers men, that much I gathered from "Le Divorce". And don't believe the rumors about her and Nicole Kidman... I wonder how those get started btw, while others (with far more factual substance) go completely unnotticed by the unsuspecting public. Hmmm....

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