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Zhang Liang


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I don't lie :whistle: I really don't know this guy :/

But I think he is "a bit" better then Philip :laugh: on the other hand Philip has attitude :yes:

I have to tell you the truth again, he looks sooo normal in China,

no one would give him even "first" glance :ninja:

er...maybe I can tell with more pics :p

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Liang has attitude too!!! :(

by saying that he looks normal, you make me wanna go to China :drool: hell yeah!

I can understand that he looks "invisible", but that's what I like about him, he's cute :blush:

again, with Mo :)

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I'll try :laugh: most of the time his face is covered with hair in kind of an "emo" way :p

and I'm sorry you haven't seen his face yet because of my obsession for his nose and body :ninja:

personally, I think that he's beautiful :blush:

post-3083-1224682548_thumb.jpg post-3083-1224682654_thumb.jpg post-3083-1224682789_thumb.jpg

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Okay! I made my decision.

Zhang Liang's look = (N) (In China)

PS: Personally I don't think he is ugly but I'm quite sure no one would thinks he's hot, regardless the body :mellow:

Please don't cry for this awful truth.

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actually I'm loughing :laugh: you know, I would never have guessed... it's good that I can rely on the words of an expert :flower: I know many female models are considered ugly in the real world(like Gemma Ward for example), but are real jewels in the modeling world. :)

nice editorial taken from his blog on sina :)

post-3083-1224683740_thumb.jpg post-3083-1224683756_thumb.jpg post-3083-1224683772_thumb.jpg

post-3083-1224683784_thumb.jpg post-3083-1224683796_thumb.jpg post-3083-1224683809_thumb.jpg

post-3083-1224683823_thumb.jpg post-3083-1224683838_thumb.jpg post-3083-1224683848_thumb.jpg

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