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Jon Passavant


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Full Name: Jonathan Andrew Passavant

Birth Date: January 17, 1979

Birth Place: Pittsburgh, PA USA

Height: 6'1/2" / 184 cm

Eyes: Blue Green

Hair: Brown

Jon Passavant is the Renaissance man nowadays in the fashion industry; his classic good looks with a touch of modern cowboy are the most popular subjects of countless designers and fashion houses. Thanks to the worldwide distributed campaigns ads, such as Giorgio Armani, Andrew Marc, Intuition by Est�e Lauder and the Spring 2002 GUESS spring campaign Maui Hawaii, Jon is one of the a few American models that stood out in the new millennium, and becoming one of the most familiar faces to the public.

Jon has always offered the best of him through every ad campaign, catalog, editorial and runway show that he was engaged in, however the recognition for his achievement didn't come easy. Previously being regarded as one of the most under-rated model at the moment, it took Jon two years to finally break into the main stream modeling business. If you could open your eyes, you would see that Jon's glamour is contagious and versatile, from a gentle man in Giorgio Armani to a bad boy in Andrew Marc, or a romancer in GUESS, he is red hot.

As a self-described skinny kid with braces and glasses in his younger years, Jon started to develop into a real man after all the butt kicking on the football field since high school. This perhaps explains his aspiration to be in the military as an alternative to modeling. Jon's modeling career started in 1999 while he was still in college. After being a part-time model and part-time student for two years, Jon finally graduated from college with a degree in business communications, and was ready to take on all the challenges in the world of fashion.

This Pittsburgh native says that he owes his success to his parents. After all it was his proud mom who persuaded him to get into modeling. She says, "As long as the doors were open he wanted to walk through it, then we were in support of it."

Now being the face of Estee Lauder's new fragrance, Intuition for men, Jon is constantly on the promotion tour around the world, and gets celebrity treatment wherever he goes. Jon admits, "Women love it." Just check out the ladies in waiting as Jon spent the day at Bloomingdale's in New York taking pictures and signing autographs. Not surprisingly, Cosmo has named him one of the world's top five male models.

Estee Lauder VP Aerin Lauder says Intuition is more then just a scent. She says, "He is actually not wearing a shirt and it's really about skin and the way a man looks and feels." And Jon has certainly taken care of part of sending the message to every one.

Jon's not fooled by his moment of success in the modeling business, after all his college degree won't go to waste, and gives him something to fall back on. He plans on entering the corporate world in the aftermath of modeling, and just in case that doesn't fall through, Jon may follow his father's footsteps and become a minister.

Just you wonder if Jon is another male model womanizer, who takes advantage of his drop-dead gorgeous looks and the fame of being a supermodel, the answer is definitely "No". Jon admits that he only had a couple of relationships and never dated a model. What he's looking for is someone who's confident, and not taken back by his job.

In terms of modeling, Jon always tries to look his best for his works. In his spare time, Jon frequently exercises to stay in shape and takes good care of his skin. He usually cuts his diet on ice cream and pizza days before photo shoots, if he has to go shirtless, which well proves his dedication to his work and the determination to be the best in the business.

To date, Jon has been featured in Abercrombie & Fitch, Andrew Marc, Corneliani, Est�e Lauder, Gap, Giorgio Armani, Grigio Perla, Glamour, Karl Lagerfeld, Macy's, Ralph Lauren, Daniel Hechter, American Eagle Jeans and Saks Fifth Avenue, and his notable editorial appearances include GQ and Cosmopolitan. What' is next for Jon Passavant, maybe to take on names like Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss and Versace, and finally get the credit that he deserves.

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