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Dion Carnell


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:laugh: i actually have that EXACT same shirt....but it looks way better on him :laugh: .....ok, this is what i found thus far:

Dion's from Perth, Australia, he's with Group Models and here are some pics: :drool: :drool: :drool:

hmmmmm is it just me, or do the Aussie models have the best lips in the business <_< to me, he looks like the next Andrew Smith :blush:

Hair: chestnut

Eyes: blue

Height: 6'2"

Waist: 32"

Age: 21 (sorry dont know the month and day, only the year: 1987)

Dion_Carnell_005.jpg Dion_Carnell_001.jpg Dion_Carnell_002.jpg Dion_Carnell_003.jpg Dion_Carnell_004.jpg Dion_Carnell_006.jpg Dion_Carnell_007.jpg Dion_Carnell_008.jpg Dion_Carnell_009.jpg Dion_Carnell_010.jpg Dion_Carnell_011.jpg Dion_Carnell_012.jpg Dion_Carnell_013.jpg Dion_Carnell_014.jpg Dion_Carnell_015.jpg
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