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Jamie Kendrick

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Jamie Kendrick

Agency: FM Models (London)

Age: 16

Height: 6'2"

Place of Origin: East London, England

Ethnic Origin: Half British, half unknown! (mother adopted)

Birthsign: Taurus

How Discovered: Scouted in H&M on Oxford Street

Favourite Things: My girlfriend, my maes, Xbox, music, college, getting on empty trains, Ben & erry's, fresh clothes

Favourite Music, Band: Drum & Bass! Hip Hop!

Hobbies: Music, skatin', football, chilling with my mates, art, socializing

Favourite Piece of Clothing: My Supreme New Era cap

Favourite Artist (any kind): Alfie's Mum

Place You'd Love To Visit: NYC!

Currently You're Obsessed With/About: Skate on Xbox 360

(source: MDC)

I saw this lad on MDC's "Model of the Week", and couldn't believe he's only 16....he has a bright future ahead of him, don't you think? let's keep our eyes open for whatever he does in the many years to come!! :wave:



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sneak photo of the editorial for the first issue of "Re-Bel", which will be out in February 2010


[photography + courtesy of Christian Oita]

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He's definitely beautiful. I'll wait for him to develop a bit more. But, either way, he's killing it in these photographs. Thanks, Pix for being so dedicated. lol

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This guy is incredibely hot. If most of the guys in the UK look this good on a regular basis, I'm fleeing the damn country, LOL! And the best part about it is, he's in my league! (Y) :shifty::clap::ddr: :hell yea!: :thumbsup:

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