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Jason Brooks


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Jason Brooks was born in London on February 23 1969. He grew up by the sea in Brighton, England, and began drawing and painting at an unusually young age receiving his first freelance commissions in his early teens.

Brooks studied Graphic Design at St Martin's College, where he began working regularly for British Vogue after winning the Vogue Sotheby's Cecil Beaton Award for Fashion Illustration. While at St Martin's, he began travelling widely, drawing and painting colourful travel journals. Travel has been a recurrent theme in his work and his adventures continue to inspire and inform his visual repertoire.

After a Master of Arts Degree in Illustration at the Royal College of Art, Brooks landed a series of assignments drawing at the Couture shows in Paris for The Independent Newspaper. He has since filed numerous visual reports from the shows in New York for Visionaire and London Fashion Week for Elle.

Brooks' artwork has also provided the visual identity for record labels, most notably Hedkandi, who have achieved sales in excess of 5 million albums featuring his artwork.

Brooks has become one of the world's leading exponents of fashion illustration.He is noted in particular as being one of the first artists to embrace and popularize computer technology in his field. The glamorous and aspirational world of the imagination he presents in his work has proven to be an ideal vehicle to promote a wide range of luxury and lifestyle brands, as well as establishing a distinctive visual language all of his own that has lead him to begin developing his own brand.

Each year he completes a range of commissions and collaborative projects for clients around the world, and welcomes the experience of working with companies, art directors,and individuals who share his energy,sense of style and creative spirit.

Clients include

Audi,British Airways,BRB, Coca-Cola, Coty,Carlsberg,Ellesse,Finlandia Vodka,Globetrotter,

Guerlain,L'Oreal, Saatchi & Saatchi,Mark's Inc, Martini,Nike, Ritz Hotels,Ruggeri, Mercedes Benz,

Mont Blanc, Niemann Marcus, Publicis,Tali, Safilo Sunglasses, Veuve Clicquot


Fierce Angel, Virgin Music,Hedkandi


Architectural Digest,Conde Nast Traveller,Cosmopolitan,Elle,The Guardian,The Independent,InStyle,Max,The Sunday Times,

Style Monte Carlo,Vogue (French, British, German, Japanese)Visionaire,Wallpaper,World of Interiors


100 Years of Fashion illustration,Cally Blackman, Laurence King, 2007

Luerzers Archive: 200 Best illustrators, 2006 and 2007

Illustration Now,150 Illustrators, Taschen, 2006

Fashion Illustration Now, Borrelli, Thames & Hudson

Stylishly Drawn,Borrelli,Harry Abrams Inc.


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