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Cassie Scerbo


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Cassandra "Cassie" Lynn Scerbo (born March 30, 1990) is an American actress, singer & dancer. She is part of the girl group, Slumber Party Girls (SPG).Cassie is Italian and currently lives in Los Angeles, California. She was born in Long Island, New York and was raised both there and in South Florida, but she calls New York home. Cassie is signed onto Geffen Records and works with producer Ron Fair. Cassie played the mean cheerleader Brooke in the most recent Bring it on which is called Bring It On: In It to Win It

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Cassie Scerbo - The 2010 Teen Choice Awards

5ebfd5106736533.jpg 12caad106736551.jpg 066114106736600.jpg 4eff36106736771.jpg

Cassie Scerbo Camp Ronald McDonald's 17th Annual Halloween Carnival,

e0d99e106736836.jpg 0e5d05106736885.jpg 1c63db106736889.jpg 07dad9106736902.jpg efca9e106736916.jpg 83641f106736935.jpg

Oscar red carpet fashion cocktail party hosted by Audi at Cecconi's Restaurant in West Hollywood on February 28, 2010 in Los Angeles, California

bf8698106737097.jpg 7226eb106737125.jpg d69daf106737179.jpg cd5aba106737239.jpg 34ce49106737262.jpg 4f300b106737292.jpg 4e256c106737349.jpg b6e4cd106737377.jpg bbe251106737421.jpg

Cassie Scerbo - OK! Magazine USA's 5th Anniversary party held at La Vida

75406e106737679.jpg fbdc43106737708.jpg 62998f106737732.jpg 22340d106737754.jpg 91e3d8106737789.jpg 783cd2106737816.jpg 14b03a106737865.jpg 47ad6b106737896.jpg ced3bf106737934.jpg 1f61f8106737967.jpg 922c51106737999.jpg

Cassie Scerbo @ "Redbury Hotel" Grand Opening In Hollywood (2010. 10. 20.)

7b1fb9106738648.jpg 2b4c85106738667.jpg 9c626c106738686.jpg 41cbac106738700.jpg 7eea2c106738724.jpg 62998f106738734.jpg 46453a106738754.jpg 826fb7106738773.jpg 8a126e106738802.jpg 18f1ba106738821.jpg 4fbdd2106738830.jpg 98f626106738854.jpg 155f6b106738871.jpg 999f73106738898.jpg 3ccc73106738911.jpg

Cassie Scerbo -The 8th Annual Teen Vogue Young Hollywood Party in Los Angeles, CA - October 1. 2010.

8d9b9e104904375.jpg 166c86104904394.jpg 289d1d104904411.jpg 73f670104904425.jpg 16b562104904448.jpg f8a368104904469.jpg d380a4104904486.jpg 771520104904518.jpg 9863f8104904531.jpg 2e64c4104904586.jpg 700319104904592.jpg bd6054104904603.jpg 702df0104904614.jpg 7b85b1104904621.jpg 4d9fb7104904624.jpg f2e99c104904633.jpg ed3786104904639.jpg aef43b104904643.jpg c7670d104904649.jpg 0ef2be104904654.jpg 245722104904672.jpg 60a1c8104904680.jpg 82e1ab104904694.jpg

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