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Jaime Murray


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Jaime Murray (born July 21, 1977) is a British actress. She is best known for playing Stacie Monroe in Hustle and Lila in the Showtime series Dexter.

The daughter of actor Billy Murray, Jaime was born in Essex, England. Just before taking her A Levels, Murray was diagnosed with dyslexia. She briefly studied Philosophy and Psychology at LSE, but dropped out to train at the Drama Centre (graduating in 2000).

Murray's early television appearances included roles in BBC One's Casualty, The Bill and The Taming of the Shrew, but her first taste of stardom was miming the lyrics in the 1996 original video of Stretch 'n' Vern's dance track "I'm Alive."

She starred as Stacie Monroe in Hustle from series 1 up until series 4. She recently confirmed she will not be in series 5 and neither will Marc Warren. In one episode of Hustle, Murray so impressed her co-star, American actor Robert Vaughn, with her modeling of a Wonder Woman costume that, according to several online sources he showed it to studio executives in Hollywood; on the strength of this Murray was invited to audition for the part of Wonder Woman in the upcoming Wonder Woman movie. She starred in a recurring role in the second season of Dexter, which began in fall 2007. The role contained several topless scenes, which Murray described as 'intimidating'.

Having taken a guest appearance in Love Soup, Murray is currently filming Nathan Adolfson's production Possessions, due for release in 2009.

Murray modelled clothing in television advertisements for Debenhams department store. Murray is signed to Models 1 in London.

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"Dexter" Season 8 premiere, Los Angeles, June 15 '13

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