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Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction TROUBLESHOOTING


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I bought RCF and PS3 80gb last january. I started playing and everything was fine. However when I went to the lombax ruins planet I noticed voices were no longer matching the characters. Then on planet Murkow when i went to return to my ship, the game frooze on a black screen with 3 sets of letters and numbers. I borrowed my friends version, and it worked fine and I got up to the planet with the big dinosaurs, then the problems came back. So i figured it wasn't the game.

After a long haul, i returned the PS3 but kept the game. I just got the PS3 80gb again. I am playing Bourne Conspiracy and it works fine. I played RCF and it started fine, now those same problems are back.

What should I do? Did anyone else have these problems?

Should I:

Exchange my RCF game for another? But if I do, would I have to delete the record of the original disk and start over.

Or does anyone have a better idea.

Please everyone, I need some help.

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Alright everyone. It turns out it was the game. If anyone has this problem here's what you do:

Delete R&CF game data from your PS3 ( be sure that all traces of R&CF have been erased from your PS#)

Get new R&CF

Load it in


Case closed.

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