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Antony Cuelenaere


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Full name:

Antony Michael Joseph Cuelenaere

Height : 6'0

Suit : 40R

Shirt : 15.5

Waist : 30

Inseam : 32

Shoe : 10.5

Hair : Blond

Eyes : Blue

Angencies : Why Not / PublicImage/Traffic/IMG/Mode

Age: 20

Where are you from? Edmonton

Where do you live now? NYC

Favorite show (that you've done)? "Nose" runway show in Italy. We were taken

to southern Italy where we got to swim in the mediteranean sea all night the

day before the show. Then we were put up very nice hotel. Then the show was

in a giant hanger where grass had been laid for the runway.

Favorite photoshoot (that you've done)? Luomo Vogue was quite fun, We were

brought to Governers Island off of NY which is an abandoned Coast guard

base. It was like little city with empty streets and chained up buildings.

For a shot about 9 of us had to run after a moving truck in suits and super

huge shoes.

Describe your personal style: Quite regular, jeans and a t-shirt, A French

cuff button up with cuff links when im feeling dressy. I also like to wear

jewelry like rings necklaces and watches...

Did you complete school (or are you finishing school now)? Graduated high


If you weren't modeling, what would you like to be doing? What I would be

doing is probably be in the Army or on the oil patch. What I would like to

be doing is Carpentry and Electrician.

Top 5 bands/artists: AC/DC, Guns'n'Roses, Justin Timberlake, Snoop Dogg,

Notorious B.I.G.

Top 5 movies: Pulp Fiction, Gladiator, Braveheart, Casino, Full Metal Jacket.

Favorite book: Junky By William Burroughs.


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Many, many thanks to azure!!! :grouphug:

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